Beauty Treatments

At Nara Hair, we provide more than just hair services. We offer a wide range of beauty treatments including eyelash extension, permanent makeup, facial skin care and ladies waxing. To book for one of these special treatments, please call Anna on 0432 445 784

Beauty Treatment Price List
Eyelash Extensions
Natural (40-50 lashes per eye) 70.00
Glamourous (70-80 lashes per eye) 80.00
Incomparable (100-110 lashes per eye) 90.00
Refill (in 2 weeks) from 50.00
C Curly and CC Curly Lashes from 10.00 (extra)
Colour Lashes from 10.00 (extra)
Under Lashes 30.00
Removal of Eyelash Extensions 20.00 (extra)
Permanent Make-up
Eyeline 220.00
Eyebrow 280.00
Lip 400.00
Facial Skin Care
Basic Care (Whitening + Moisturising) 60.00
Special Care (Whitening + Elastin + Anti-Aging) 90.00
Ladies Waxing
Bikini Line 25.00
1/2 Brazilian 40.00
Full Brazilian 50.00
*All types of Ladies Waxing available